Victoria Larimore – Writer/Director/Producer

What makes me different as a filmmaker? 

I create content, which means that I originate material and own the underlying copyright to my projects. That represents my deep commitment as a filmmaker to certain themes and to the goal of diversity in representation. As a creator of stories, characters, and images that reach millions of people, I believe it is my privilege – and my responsibility – to utilize that power to encourage, enlighten, and uplift those who honor me by spending their precious time in my created worlds.

I create content across:

  • MEDIA – including film, TV, theatre, books, computer games, apps, the Web, and merchandise (such as toys).
  • GENRES – current endeavors range from suspense, thriller, supernatural, and historical action to family-friendly, comedy, and music. 
  • BORDERS – I’ve travelled to China, India, across North America and throughout Europe to develop material and direct films and TV shows; my past work has been screened, broadcast and/or sold in more than 20 countries, from Nigeria to Australia, from China to Switzerland.
  • GENERATIONS – I’ve directed and/or produced for the stars of Seinfeld (Jerry Stiller and Estelle Harris) to Netflix Latin star Danny Pardo (El Chapo) to Millennial influencers (Beccy Quinn). 

Media is collaborative. I recognize that truth and respect the unique contributions each member of my team brings to every project. I collaborate with the best artists in their respective fields, whether actors (I’ve directed and/or produced for Oscar, Emmy and Tony winners); editors (another Oscar winner); or composers/music producers (I’m currently working with a Grammy and Golden-Globe winner and a Broadway composer).

Style and substance; entertainment and art – welcome to my world and my Website! Perhaps we’ll meet sometime soon at a film festival, TV conference or maybe work together…. In any event, I look forward to hearing from you. 

Victoria Larimore
Writer – Director – Producer 

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