Room 32

Directed by Victoria Larimore


When does a film become a classic? Sixteen years after its release, ROOM 32 is still going strong! We picked up two more awards in 2018 and screened at festivals all over the world -- most recently, in London at the International Motion Pictures Awards and in Nigeria at the Lagos Film Fest. I was fortunate to have Dan Stoloff, considered one of the best DPs in TV today (The Americans, Suits) work with me. Check out my homage to film noir critics dubbed “darkly sensual,” “intense,” and “well-crafted.” 


Grey (Coming Soon)

Written & Directed by Victoria Larimore

When two independent professionals begin dating, they soon realize that the lines between seduction and consent can become blurred. My brand-new drama, co-written and co-directed with Micha Linton, is a "he-said, she-said," which is why I collaborated with a guy on this one. Sure to be conversation starter! 

Release date: late May.

Open House

Co-Written & Directed by Victoria Larimore

Set in the cutthroat world of NYC real estate – where finding a home is tougher than finding your soul mate – OPEN HOUSE follows Rita Wells, an upbeat Manhattan realtor, as she takes on exasperating clients, an upstart assistant and an impossible mother. 

Starring Tony-Award Winner Marcia Rodd, “America’s Funniest Mom” Andrea Mezvinsky, Latin star Danny Pardo and an international supporting cast, this is classic comedy leading with the heart and finding humor in what connects rather than divides us

Girl from Provence

Story & Consulting Producer

Based on my story, this surreal #MeToo thriller feature film about a French actress who struggles to confront her horrific past has a racially diverse international cast. Premieres in October at the 16th Annual OVFF Festival in Venice, CA!


Ode to the Elements (Coming Soon)

Written & Directed by Victoria Larimore

A visual tribute to the beauty and majesty of the world we share, Ode to the Elements celebrates the four elements that make up our world: air, fire, water, and earth. Featuring the lovely Amie Lee Kilgore as the Water Nymph. 

Saying Kaddish

Produced by Victoria Larimore

Nominated for an Emmy, this drama about a Jewish family coming to terms with their mother’s death originally aired on ABC-TV. The fine ensemble cast includes Tovah Feldshuh, Phyllis Newman, Stephen Pearlman and Estelle Harris, and features an original score by Elizabeth Swados.

Pair of Jokers

Produced by Victoria Larimore

Take the antics of an aging Catskill comic and his young protégé, then add a dash of sexy vocals by Nora York. Starring comic legend Jerry Stiller of SEINFELD fame and Ned Eisenberg of LAW  & ORDER SVU.

Empty Bed

Produced by  Victoria Larimore

An older gay man looks back on his life and loves. Considered a classic of early gay cinema, this thoughtful character-driven drama is a New York Times “critic’s pick.” Shown at Museum of Modern Art in NYC and on broadcast TV.

The Amish: Not to Be Modern 

Written, Directed & Produced by Victoria Larimore

This doc has been broadcast in more than 20 countries, won countless awards, was shown at prestigious venues, including the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. and is also part of the collection of the Motion Picture Academy's Mary Pickford Library. 

Yue-Sai's World

Written & Directed by Victoria Larimore

A traditional Japanese dance performed in a lovely garden where MEMOIR OF A GEISHA was shot. TV episode profiling Oscar-winning Costume Designer Colleen Atwood. Directed by Victoria Larimore for Executive Producer Yue-Sai Kan. Broadcast in China. on CCTV and in multiple foreign territories. 

Starvision with Ostaro

Directed and Co-Produced by Victoria Larimore

A professional Vedic astrologer, Ostaro is also an actor and TV personality who has appeared on DAVID LETTERMAN and in feature films, including Woody Allen’s STARDUST MEMORIES.

In STARVISION, Ostaro invites us into his mystical world, where he makes astrological predictions on today’s stars.