Find out what happens when one woman, sawed in half by life, tries to put herself back together by seeking advice from mentors as diverse as Frida Kahlo, Isadora Duncan and her spry

(but dead) Jewish grandmother. 

Co-written and directed by Victoria Larimore, SAWED IN HALF premiered at The Complex Theatre in Hollywood in May 2016 and had an encore run in September at the Acme Noho.

Nominated for multiple awards, Victoria won Best Director at the 2016 Noho Fringe Festival.​​

Poster for "Sawed In Half," starring "America's Funniest Mom" Andrea Mezvinski, co-written and direc

Poster for "Sawed In Half," starring "America's Funniest Mom" Andrea Mezvinski, co-written and direc


"A colorful and stirring journey, the relatable show is an ode to overcoming

obstacles, including difficult men, difficult mothers and the difficulty of moving forward in life to attain one’s goals. As the play says, 'The past is like your ass… it’s behind you.' Amen."

"Veteran co-writer/director Victoria Larimore brings wit and focus to the show."

“An unapologetic and unrestricted peek inside the mind of a woman... The writing is deft, hilarious, and at times bitingly ironic…The story takes us through a life in intense bursts of poignancy and moments of clarity. This works brilliantly. A great show, highly recommended.”



"Angel Dog" is a one-act play written and directed by Victoria Larimore. On her way home from work on the Staten Island ferry, a woman receives a visit from a mysterious young stranger. The boy delivers a message that shakes the woman's belief system but may save her from a life of loneliness and pain.  "Angel Dog" premiered as part of a One-Act Play Festival at the Producer's Club on Theatre Row in New York in June 2010.



While based in NYC, Victoria directed the film adaptation of the Obie-winning Bird/Bear (Best New American Play). Victoria worked closely with performance artist Lee Nagrin, a member of Meredith Monk’s company The House and a La MaMa favorite, who created the work. Upon moving to Los Angeles, she joined GuerilLA Theatre as director-in-residence. After a successful run of 24 Hours AM/PM, the company commissioned her to adapt the plays for television. (The originals were written by scribes of classic sitcoms, including M*A*S*H, All in the Family, Bewitched, Get Smart, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. )

Victoria studied directing with the great Wynn Handman of The American Place Theatre, one of the foremost developers and producers of theatrical talent, including playwright Sam Shepard and actors Dustin Hoffman, Sigourney Weaver, and Morgan Freeman. In fact, actor/writer John Leguizamo developed his one-man show, Mambo Mouth, in Victoria’s class!