THE MAGE is an EU-centric suspense limited series with the opportunity for numerous spin-offs across multiple platforms: graphic novel lines, computer and online games, toys, and other merchandise. A thriller with a supernatural bent, THE MAGE is inspired by real people and events and follows Erich Franke, renowned magician and psychic warrior, as he battles evil in its many forms across time and space. From Nazi Germany to ancient Egypt, from upper-crust London society to the back alleys of Cairo, Erich the Mage fights the treacherous Black Lodge who seeks to rob humanity of its free will.



DOGS! Waiting to Be Loved is a live action feature film where dogs are the stars. Set in a rescue shelter, the movie is told from their point of view, and opens as the dogs are getting ready for their “big audition” – Adoption Day when folks tour the facility to pick out a pet. Will they be lucky, chosen to live in a real home and finally be loved, or will they end up as the next dog to be “put down” merely because no one cares? Featuring original songs I co-wrote with Broadway composer Norman Thalheimer and Grammy-winning songwriter/producer Charlie Midnight (Christina Aguilera, James Brown, Seal, Barbra Streisand), DOGS! offers an uplifting story the entire family will enjoy! In addition, 15% of profits are pledged to animal welfare charities to support the rescue and adoption of dogs.  



Inspired by the iconic “Twilight Zone,” the tales in KARMA explore the often rocky terrain of moral choice.  And there are, indeed, consequences… Every mysterious story in this anthology features a celebrity, whether an actor, star athlete or famous musician, thereby leveraging an existing fan base. Set in an atmosphere of suspense, each episode will leave the viewer wondering… what is real?  What is illusion?  And do we eventually get what we truly deserve? KARMA has the advantage of being easily adapted/edited/packaged for various program lengths – whether for domestic and/or international distribution via network, streaming platforms or social media. 



Emily Peters, a meek secretary in a law firm, experiences a flashback to a past life in China in this supernatural thriller, connecting her to a secret kidnapping and launching her on an adventure of danger and self-discovery in Hawaii. A truly international production in story, characters, cast, and themes, VEIL provides an introduction to Native Hawaiian history and encourages debate regarding the over-development of Hawaii and the decimation of indigenous Hawaiian culture. It is also an opportunity to present Chinese culture and immigration history to a wide international audience in an entertaining way.